Toads on High Street

A Scavenger Hunt for Kids to Discover the Greatest Story Ever Toad

Toad on big wheel bicycleHow Many Places Can You Find Bufo?

Today in Olde Towne, Bufo is meeting his special friend Ana, “You know where!” she said.  Your task is to follow Bufo as he hunts for Ana. The inside pages show his journey through Olde Towne. Pay close attention to the clues in this “greatest story ever toad”.

Check out the storefront windows and follow Bufo’s journey as he searches for his true love, Ana.  The search will take you six blocks up High Street and back.  Here are some clues!

First Stop – Bufo arrives by ferry boat at High Street Landing.  He sees a restaurant and wonders if they serve pond water.

Second Stop – Bufo checks his wallet and finds he’s a little short on cash. Why are ATMs so high?” he wonders.  It’s difficult when you’re a toad.

Third Stop – Ana likes to shop for clothes and jewelry.  Maybe she’s here? As Bufo hops up on the counter, a customer points and asks to buy that stuffed frog. Humph! How rude!

Fourth Stop – Bufo smells some sauerkraut and  warm schnitzel.  He knows Ana likes to eat, so he asks, “Hast du Kuchen?”

Fifth Stop – Bufo sees a bi-plane and thinks to himself, “maybe I can find Ana from up above!” So he hops in his trusty plane and takes to the sky.

Sixth Stop – When Bufo lands his plane, he finds himself in an exotic place with spicy snacks.  After a quick bite, he decides to meditate.

Seventh Stop – Bufo asks a nice lady who lives in a Koop if she has seen Ana.  The lady shakes her head no and offers to teach him to make Shoofly Pie.

Eighth Stop – Bufo spies a tavern and thinks Ana may be there. The cook says no and offers to make Bufo a Dagwood Sandwich.

Ninth Stop – Bufo crosses the street and heads back to the ferry.  He sees a pretty lady in the window and decides to get beautified before he sees Ana.

Tenth Stop – Bufo groans, “My feet hurt!  I should get a bicycle.”

Eleventh Stop – Something old, something new! Maybe Ana is at the vintage shop.

Twelfth Stop – Bufo hears music around the corner and down the mall. He asks the man at the piano, “Do you know Ana?” The man replies, “Well no, but if you hum a few bars.”  Groan.

Thirteenth Stop – Lucky 13! – Bufo then remembers I’ve Been Kissed, the place he and Ana first kissed. There he finds Ana eating a scoop of green ice cream.  He exclaims, “I love Ana and I love Portsmouth!”


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Ive Been Kissed Public Art PosterHow the Story Began

Toads on High Street began in 2011 when the non-profit, Support Portsmouth Public Art (SPPA), installed the bronze statue “I’ve Been Kissed” in front of the Virginia Children’s Museum. 

In honor of this sculpture created by artist Pokey Park, John Joyce wrote a children’s book, I’ve Been Kissed, and named the toad, Bufo. 


About the Artists

We hope that you enjoy your search for Bufo as he hops up and down High Street.  This fun activity would not be possible without the generous donation of time and creativity of our local artists.

Toad holding moneySPPA would like to recognize and thank the following artists:

Ellen Bible

Stephen Grunnet

Rebecca Myers

Dawn Richardson

Ben and Carolyn Riley


About SPPA

Support Portsmouth Public Art (SPPA) was formed by volunteers in 2010 with a mission dedicated to purchase and install public art, to educate citizens, and to create outreach to the neighborhoods in Portsmouth.

SPPA seeks to engage our citizens of all ages
to participate in the process of creating and enjoying pubic art.  We appreciate your support.


P.O. Box 232
Portsmouth, Virginia 23705

SPPA is a 501(c3) non profit